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COVID-19 Status in Boston/MA & Wellscape Summer Schedule

Happy Summer!! Happy Fourth of July!!

The COVID-19 numbers are thankfully very low in Boston and MA (see data here), thanks in large part to a vaccination rate that is relatively high (see state ranking here). While there are ongoing concerns about the Delta variant, overall, right now, we are in good shape, and I encourage you to enjoy summer activities, using precautions as you see fit.

We will hopefully have further information soon about the need for booster shots, especially for those who have received the J&J vaccination. Stay tuned to news outlets and let me know if you have questions/concerns, I will do my best to answer them.

If you have more interest in the variants and what we know about them, check out this tracker created by Axios.

Still need a vaccine? Learn about availability here.

Wellscape 2021 Summer Schedule

Wellscape will be closed on the following days in celebration of holidays:

  • Monday July 5, 2021 in celebration of July 4th
  • Monday September 6, 2021 in celebration of Labor Day

Additionally, I will be out of town (visiting the nieces this time!) on the following days:

  • Wednesday July 21, 2021 through Wednesday July 28, 2021

I will be available for emergencies only, and there may be downtimes when I am on the plane (yes, I’ll be on a plane!).

Please do check to see if you need medication refills prior to this time.

If you need urgent medical attention while I am away, please reach out to your closest urgent care center. Of course, if you are having an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.