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COVID-19 Update; Wellscape closed for Patriot’s/Marathon Day

COVID-19 News

Uptick in Omicron variant

Unfortunately, there has been an uptick in cases from the Omicron variant BA.2. Due to less testing overall and more testing at home (often not reported), we don’t have good data on the number of new cases. We do know that being fully vaccinated and boosted still protects against severe disease, hospitalization, and death. That being said, those who I know who have gotten it have been quite sick at home, like a bad flu. So do be mindful of this when planning activities and events.


CDC Website for COVID-19 Information

Just a reminder about the CDC website that covers a lot of basic information about COVID-19, including the level of infections in your county, vaccinations, testing, treatments, travel, and algorithms to determine quarantine and isolation. It’s easy to remember, too: covid.gov

Flowers blooming at Paul Revere Park

Wellscape Closed for Patriot’s/Marathon Day

Wellscape will be closed on Monday, April 18, 2022 for Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon.

Have a great weekend!