Wellscape Direct MD


Being raised on a farm gave me an appreciation for organic, whole food.

Being raised on a farm gave me an appreciation for organic, whole food.

Although born and raised near Chicago, my family maintained a small farm, from which I learned to appreciate organic whole food; the cycles of nature; and the wonders of the outdoors. I earned a BA degree in Psychology from Earlham College (IN), a Quaker-based school that fostered my belief in treating others as equals, my commitment to social justice, and my desire to serve.

After spending some years in the workforce, traveling and pursuing passions in Chinese martial arts and medicine, I followed my childhood dream into medicine, graduating from UMass Medical School, and completing training at Lawrence Family Medicine Residency.

I continue to have strong interest in Complementary therapies, particularly Chinese Medicine and mind-body medicine.


Imagine: calling your doctor for an appointment at your convenience, not waiting hours at the office; not feeling anxious—because your doctor knows you; having enough time to bring up all of your concerns and later, being able to text your doctor directly to ask a follow-up question; plus, avoiding the frustrations of complicated insurance billing. This is what Wellscape Direct MD is all about. Wellscape Direct MD LLC, a Direct Primary Care practice, aspires to return primary care to it’s intended goal: to take care of you—simply, openly, and directly.


  • Access to your doctor when you need it
  • Communicate with your doctor via phone, email, texting, video
  • Same or next day availability with your doctor
  • No long waits—your time is important, too!
  • Extended appointment times tailored to your needs
  • Primary care costs that are simple and transparent
  • Optional discounted cash pricing for outside services
  • Help with navigating the healthcare system and coordination of your specialty care
  • Care that is holistic and integrative—to take care of you as a whole person
  • Referrals to and resources for complementary medicine when indicated


My practice style is based on open communication and mutual respect . . .

  • You are sick of 10-minute appointments!
  • You want to talk to your doctor about your health issues.
  • You want a local doctor while at school.
  • You want convenience to accommodate your demanding schedule.
  • You are seeking personalized guidance on healthy lifestyle choices.
  • You want to get better control of your chronic medical conditions.
  • You have been told you are "too complex" or feel you haven't received the attention needed to address your health issues.
  • You want a personalized relationship with your primary care doctor.
  • You want a doctor who will talk about mind-body connections and complementary care.