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“Dr. Meyer literally saved my life.”

“Dr. Meyer literally saved my life. I sustained a TBI in 2018 and had seen multiple physicians for help only to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Before seeing Dr. Meyer, I was depressed to the point of considering suicide, daily, as I struggled with memory loss, declining verbal and written communication, as well as balance. I had been an athlete most of my life. Losing the ability to function at the level I was use to was devastating. Dr. Meyer immediately enrolled me into the brain injury rehabilitation at Spaulding, scheduled me an MRI, and helped me down the road to recovery. I successfully completed the program at Spaulding in 2019. After which, I’ve seen tremendous improvement in verbal communication as well as regaining most of my memories. I would still be a patient of Dr. Meyer’s today if I hadn’t moved too far out of state. Huge thank you to Dr. Meyer for all you’re care and attention. You truly saved my life and will forever be my hero.”

Self-verified patient of Dr. Linnea A Meyer
WebMD Care Review
February 2022