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“Dr. Meyer continues to go above and beyond”

“I’ve had the opportunity to have Linnea Meyer as my primary care physician since 2004.

Dr. Meyer is a physician that is thorough and kind. Dr. Meyer continues to go above and beyond. The interactions with my specialists have been life-saving. I continue to hear other specialist tell me what a pleasure it is to work with Dr. Meyer.

It was my pleasure to once again follow Dr. Meyer to her new practice known as Wellscape Direct MD for many reasons. Dr. Meyer has always focused on the total care:

  • Mind and Body
  • Reflects her own core beliefs of total care
  • Total and mutually respectful atmosphere
  • Listening face to Physician
  • Effectiveness and efficient
  • Immediate response to any question

Finally, an old-fashioned care where I can spend however amount of time speaking and WORKING WITH MY DOCTOR. Dr. Meyer takes my vitals. Dr. Meyer has ongoing TALKS with me after a follow up from a specialist, Dr. Meyer has been my advocate communicating with other healthcare professionals.

I can also state that since moving to the direct care style of Primary Care, I have managed to stay out of the hospital on a regular basis. Dr. Meyer also assisted me in finding a cheaper pharmacy, due to rising premium costs, which resulted in a lower out-of-pocket cost, cheaper than my deductible and mail order.

I know this kind of support isn’t available within the current health care system, because our insurance companies won’t allow for this type of interaction.”

L. W.