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“Dr Meyer is a rare doctor among doctors”

“Dr Meyer is a rare doctor among doctors.  I first met her on the recommendation of a close Harvard PhD student friend who was very particular on who she saw.  I was not disappointed.  Although I saw her when she was at One Medical I was stuck by the quality of her presence and listening as well as her passion for justice and advocacy for unraveling a complex health condition that had be misdiagnosed and under treated.  She is supremely qualified as an acupuncturist which carries with it superb skills of palpating, observation, and pattern recognition.  She is open to work with people of all cultures and religions, even one of my friends who was getting IV Mistletoe treatments in Europe she was not only familiar with but also was able to provide support and listening during her anxiety and confusion of navigating American healthcare systems for Oncology.  I think that anyone who lives close would be lucky to have a fine physician.  I have more examples but her generosity of spirit, kindness and compassion are some of her major strengths.  I hope this review helps to guide people who are similarity lost in healthcare chaos to find clarity and comfort under her care!”

Suzanne R.
Posted on Yelp