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Thanksgiving holiday hours; COVID-19, RSV, and the Flu

Upcoming Wellscape Out-of-Office dates

Wellscape will be closed on:

  • November 23-27, 2022 for Thanksgiving break
  • December 8-9, 2022 for medical conference

We are finally feeling the season as the cold weather sets in – just in time for the Thanksgiving celebration. Wellscape will be closed from Wednesday, Nov 23 through the weekend. Additionally, I will be attending a medical conference on Thursday December 8 through Saturday December 10, 2022.

Happy Thanksgiving!

COVID-19, RSV, and the Flu

Bracing for the Winter Season

New COVID-19 variants are now circulating, with BQ.1 now predominating. The good news is that the bivalent vaccine appears to continue to have positive effect in preventing serious illness and death from these variants.

Additionally, as you may have heard in the news, there has been a surge in RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) as well as early onset of the Flu (Influenza). RSV is a more serious infection for younger children and has jeopardized the availability of hospital beds for kids.

More info here about the latest COVID-19 variants, RSV, and the flu:


Now would be a great time to get updated with your vaccinations given the expectations for a particularly difficult winter season with the spread of the infections above.

If you have not yet received any COVID-19 boosters, I’d recommend getting one now. Otherwise, it is recommended to wait at least 2 months since your last booster. Additionally, the CDC recommends waiting 3 months after having a COVID-19 infection to get the booster. Additional boosters are particularly recommended for folks who fall in the higher risk category.

Many people are opting to get the flu shot at the same time which is fine to do.

For more information:

Don’t Forget the Basics

This is also a good time to implement those basic measures of distancing when appropriate, handwashing, the use of masks in public/crowded indoor spaces, and testing. This will help prevent all these infections and can keep you, your family, and your friends safer and healthier through the season!

CDC Link for COVID-19 Information

Just a reminder that the CDC link has information about all things COVID-19, including testing, vaccinations, treatment, the level of infections in your county, and algorithms for isolation/quarantine. Easy to remember, also: covid.gov.

Happy Thanksgiving!