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Wellscape Newsletter – Happy Halloween!!

Wellscape News – 10/31/2017

Happy Halloween!! May the treats be plentiful (and at least some healthy!) and the tricks full of fun! Any unique costumes? Would love to see them – send me a photo!! And here’s some fun facts about pumpkins from NPR.

We have finally hit some seasonal weather! The warmish and even tropical weather recently may have helped to extend our outdoor season; however, this weather pattern also brings a prolonged allergy season and now some nasty upper respiratory viruses. Speaking of which . . . did you get that flu shot yet? See the article below!!

Also, don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend! Sunday, November 5, at 2am EST, the clocks are turned back to 1am. We can look forward to more light in the mornings!

Time for that Flu Vaccination!

Now is a great time to get your flu vaccination. Flu shots are readily available from pharmacies, minute clinics, town halls, and often your workplace. Just a reminder, you cannot get the flu from the flu shot – it’s made from a piece of a dead virus. If you have any concerns about vaccination, want to discuss the pros/cons, and/or need help finding a vaccination site, Wellscape is happy to help!

Here is a link to more general information from the CDC.

Update on New Shingles Vaccine

Both the FDA and CDC have approved the new Shingles vaccine, called Shingrix. It is reportedly more effect and lasts longer than the current vaccine, Zostavax. It will be a series of two shots, and is a dead virus. It has been approved for people 50 years and old. Availability and insurance coverage are yet to be determined, but likely coming soon. More info here.

Klara Podcast Interview with Wellscape

We covered many topics including Direct Primary Care, the state of our current healthcare system, and the use of technology in healthcare. Check it out here!

Check out this amazing nonprofit,Finding You Sanctuary, in their effort to pair veterans with rescued dogs.

In Massachusetts, Open enrollment for 2018 health insurance plans begins November 1, 2017 and ends January 23, 2018.

Are you relying on the Massachusetts Health Connector (the Mass health insurance exchange)? Yes, there is a lot of general confusion and anxiety about health insurance options. Although federal funding for support and marketing has been drastically cut, thankfully, Massachusetts doesn’t rely on that for it’s outreach and enrollment assistance programs – so there are still options for free help. Check out thisarticle from the Legal Consumerwebsite for a nice summary.
I’m also happy to plug you into an insurance broker who is savvy about insurance options as well as Direct Primary Care – just let me know!