COVID-19 Updates: Numbers & Variants, Novavax approved; Monkeypox in the Headlines

July 26, 2022

COVID-19 News COVID-19 Numbers and New Variants The new variants of Omicron (primarily BA.5) are now the predominant strains of the virus in the US, and we are again experiencing an uptick in cases. The BA.5 is even more transmissible than other variants, but thankfully ... MORE >

COVID-19 Update; Wellscape closed for Patriot’s/Marathon Day

April 14, 2022

COVID-19 News Uptick in Omicron variant Unfortunately, there has been an uptick in cases from the Omicron variant BA.2. Due to less testing overall and more testing at home (often not reported), we don't have good data on the number of new ... MORE >

Additional COVID-19 Booster

April 04, 2022

COVID-19 Additional Booster Approved As you may have seen in the news last week, an additional mRNA booster has been recommended by the CDC and FDA for those over 50 years of age, and particularly for those 65 and older and those 50 and older with ... MORE >

Free Home COVID-19 Test Kits Available

January 18, 2022

Home COVID-19 Test Kits The federal government is offering free home test kits, available through this link. They are supposed to ship in 7-12 days. They are allowing #4 tests per household. MORE >

COVID-19 News and Updates

January 13, 2022

A glimmer of hope? A sharp decline in the level of coronavirus was seen in the wastewater yesterday, a drop of 30-40%! They have used this to track the level of current infection, so this is hopeful that we might have ... MORE >

Holiday Newsletter; COVID-19 resources; Capsule Pharmacy

December 23, 2021

Seasons Greetings!! The end of 2021 is fast approaching! This year will certainly be one to reflect on, taking stock of what we have been through, what we have learned, and being grateful for any silver linings that have come our ... MORE >

Thanksgiving 2021; COVID-19 Resources

November 15, 2021

Thanksgiving is upon us! Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I will be out-of-town for Thanksgiving week to visit family (Nov 20 - 30, 2021). Being able to share the holiday with others is a welcome change from where we were last year ... MORE >

Fall Newsletter: Daylight Savings Time, Updates COVID-19 Vaccinations

November 02, 2021

Happy Fall!! Hoping everyone had a fun and safe (and dry!) Halloween! Just as a reminder, it is that time of year again - the end of Daylight Savings Time. On Nov 7, 2021, at 2am, the clocks are turned backward 1 ... MORE >

Wellscape closed Labor Day Weekend

September 03, 2021

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend! Just a reminder: Wellscape will be closed for routine care on the following days: Saturday September 4, 2021 through (& including) Monday September 6, 2021 After some very hot summer days, and the recent devastation from Hurricane Ida, ... MORE >

COVID-19 Status in Boston/MA & Wellscape Summer Schedule

July 01, 2021

Happy Summer!! Happy Fourth of July!! The COVID-19 numbers are thankfully very low in Boston and MA (see data here), thanks in large part to a vaccination rate that is relatively high (see state ranking here). While there are ongoing concerns about the ... MORE >