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“I can’t recommend Dr. Meyer enough!”

“I can’t recommend Dr. Meyer enough! She is incredibly detailed and thorough – my first appointment with her lasted a full two hours in order to go over my complete medical history. She offers a unique balance of the practicality of Western medicine combined with the wholistic approach of Eastern medicine, which I really appreciated – in the past, I’ve felt that doctors tended to throw medicine at a problem instead of figuring out why the problem was occurring. This was happily not the case with Dr. Meyer. 🙂

Being able to communicate with her through a secure messaging app is a big bonus, since not every question is urgent enough to need a full appointment. However, I know that Dr. Meyer would happily see me at any time – you can tell she really cares about her patients.

I had a health scare during pregnancy and she patiently answered my frantic after-hours call to figure out what was going on. In the end it turned out everything was fine, but I really appreciated how she handled the situation with such care.”

Healthgrades Review
October 2019